Connect with
Japanese fashion
through AI technology


We have fantastic connections with Japanese fashion brands.


“FORSEE” is a Japanese startup company, we have been conducting an online fashion exhibition platform for the past four years. We have great connections with many domestic Japanese fashion brands. These brands can only be described as progressive and creative, especially those based in Tokyo and other cities.

They are almost entirely small businesses. Nevertheless, they have great products and they are not well-known outside of Japan (may be difficult to import to your country).

We believe their creative products will be exciting and valuable for you. You can easily find the trendiest and newest Japanese fashion here.


FORSEE CONNECT is the AI system that recommends a huge variety of Japanese fashion designs.
You don’t have to spend time on finding items!


All items are available at wholesale prices, you can order to use for your retail sales.

There are many fabulous items in Japan, you just haven't found them yet.

The FORSEE staff are living in Tokyo, and we have many connections to Japanese fashion designers. We are well aware of their fashion sense and taste.

Japan is home to many world-famous clothing brands. These brands all started out small, but have grown since then.

You can find something what you haven’t seen yet.

Have you thought any of these before?

  • SCENE 1

    Want to try to stock up on your store’s Japanese apparel products.

    It is easy to find your new stock of products on FORSEE. The AI’s analysis can help you to find great matches with extreme sensitivity to your brand.
    We welcome those who order with just a few designs to enhance the products in your stock.

  • SCENE 2

    Don’t have staff who can speak Japanese.

    Many Japanese designers cannot speak English and other languages. It makes it difficult to start business with Japanese companies.
    But do not worry, FORSEE will solve this problem. Our platform have a DeepL machine learning translation system. You can use your language of choice.

  • SCENE 3

    Hard to discover new designers in Tokyo.

    If you want to find new designers in Tokyo or other cities in Japan, we recommend our platform.
    High costs and a large amount of time is unnecessary. You can find a designer you like, then order. Simple as that.

  • SCENE 4

    Anxious to start doing business with a Japanese company.

    We are conducting screening for companies or individuals that are in continuous operation every season. On top of that, Japanese people are known to do an honest job for their clients. We will be responsible for business with you.

  • SCENE 5

    Don’t have enough time to discover new items continuously.

    Our AI’s analysis will read the stock list data from your website that you input to the waitlist. We will then generate recommendations unique to you. So recommended items and brand designers will be chosen only for you. The accuracy and precision of the choices will be increased when you do business with us again. This means finding new items continues to get easier.

  • SCENE 6

    Want to reduce payments to import agents, etc.

    We do not request a transaction fee. You can simply stock up for the wholesale price. There is no extra cost on our platform.
    Furthermore, it is free to make an account, finding items and brands, designers.

    * Import tax treatment varies from country to country

The order flow

It is free to join and find items. You do not need to waste money, you simply need the wholesale price* No transaction fees for us.

  • Join the waitlist

    Please input your information to the waitlist. We will make it available as a platform for buyers soon.

  • Login and find items

    We will send you a message when we launch the platform then you can login and find items.

  • Order and payment

    Please send the order list from the platform, then make an online payment with credit card, Wise, WeChat Pay or several other methods.

  • Deliver the product

    We will be responsible for the delivery of the products.

* Import tax treatment varies from country to country

We provide the best and most efficient transaction.

Many Japanese designers would like you to see their products.
Using FORSEE CONNECT, can you find real Japanese fashion? Of course yes. Much faster compared to coming to Japan, booking an appointment, and browsing through various exhibitions.

There is a more efficient way to find these designers. Simply use your mobile device or PC in your office, bedroom or somewhere. We provide the best and most efficient transaction.

We want to introduce you to many fabulous items in Japan with no cost, and more efficiently using our technology. We assure that it will be a great experience for you.

Subjects and Conditions

The program is open to companies or individuals who fall into one of the following categories, and account activation is subject to review.

  • A company or individuals who operates fashion select stores.
  • A company who operates a fashion import business.
  • A company or individuals who are planning to start a fashion select shop as a business.
  • A company or individuals who have sales potential who can sell by introducing their products on social networking accounts, etc.

* If you are already using the online exhibition service FORSEE EXHIBITION, an account can be issued without prior screening.

* If you do not yet have experience in running a business, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Please feel free to contact us

If you have any question or consultation, please send us below.